A 12-liter oil distiller





Soul of Nature proudly offers you an unmatched, high-quality essential oil and hydrosol production device.


Exclusive advantages

Our new 12L capacity, accurately hand-made stainless steel and glass system has the following exclusive advantages:

  • A perfectly clear distillate, thanks to the glass parts, free of metal emissions (as opposed to copper distillers)
  • Thanks to the glass parts, condensation process can be seen;
  • A built-in oil separator, with no need of using pipette, (as opposed to copper or stainless steel distillers which require an external separator).
  • It enables both steam-distillation as well as hydro-distillation.
  • A graded glass chamber, measuring the amount of accumulated essential oil and indicating when the distillation is completed.
  • A hydrosol tap which can be turn off, in case you only want to make essential oil.
  • An Easy to clean, compact and user-friendly system;


The set includes the following parts:

A boiling chamber, a fractional column, a condenser, an evaporation mesh, a powerful water-pump, 2 silicone pipes and a c-clamp.


Customer support and instruction:

The device comes with an illustrated user manual. We also offer our customers technical support and follow-up services on Whatsapp.


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Shipping and package

The kit can be shipped worldwide, within 7 to 14 workdays. A tracking number will be sent to you once the kit is delivered to the delivery company. Delivery of the kit complete and intact is guaranteed.

The kit is carefully packed, with a customized thick polystyrene casing for all glass parts, to prevent their breaking during delivery. It can also be used for storing them after use.